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Start Your International Office in Miami

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22AprIt is time for you to expand your business and open your international office in Miami.

Start Your International Office in Miami Brickell

Whether you are an entrepreneur or run an established company in Europe, you need to open an international office in Miami to grow your business exponentially.

Miami is the Gateway to the USA

Considered to be the capital of Latin America by Brazilians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Cubans, and many other countries, Miami provides market entry into the USA. People have come to the city from across the globe for company formation and found immense success.

There are many reasons behind Miami being the number one choice for European companies. It has everything that you could possibly need and more. With a strategic location, it allows you to take advantage of the US economy. It also offers the opportunity to expand into Latin America. The region is known for its potential. Unlike other regions such as Asia-Pacific which have experienced slow growth, Miami continues to experience fast growth.

Everything is available in Miami, from startups to large corporations to big banks and venture capital firms. There is tremendous growth potential if you open an office in the city. You can network and grow with other businesses. Besides, it has become easier than ever before to expand your business here.

Explore New Markets

Home to a huge startup scene, Miami provides companies a chance to explore new markets. If your business has experienced stagnant growth in Europe, it is about time that you expanded into the USA. With a diverse appetite, it does not matter which industry you might operate in as there is endless potential. As financial services have gone digital, you will get to benefit from the fintech ecosystem. Some of the biggest international banks have set up shop in the city.

Innovation has become the way of life in the city. It is important that you gain market entry through an Inc. and benefit from the infrastructure. With a growing tech-savvy population, finding the top talent in the city is a lot easier than you think. At The Van Holland Group, we can help you explore new markets. There is a corporate opportunity at every corner in Miami. As it is a short flight away from other major cities, it has attracted large companies who have managed to set up a presence.

Unlike mature markets such as New York, Austin, and the Silicon Valley that offer below-average returns, venture capital firms have started investing in Miami heavily and it is opening up more opportunities than ever before. Ditch an oversubscribed city for Miami as it is considered to be the number one city for small business growth by Forbes.

Setup Your Company

The Van Holland Group helps you with planning, implementation, and international support. Build a modern trade sales organization and make use of the best US network for your services. We help take care of everything. You do not need to worry about anything as we are here to guide you every step of the way.
No matter which industry you might operate in, we can help you get incorporated in the city. Having helped countless European companies with company formation in Miami, we have the experience you are looking for. Our goal is to streamline everything for you so that you do not need to do anything. We handle all the paperwork and provide valuable advice so that you can make the most of the opportunities.

When you choose us for setting up your company in Miami, you get to benefit from a professional service. We know the process inside and out and have a dedicated team who have great expertise. Expand your European business into the USA and benefit from the endless opportunities. We will help you establish a solid foundation in the city so that you can grow and become a leader in this part of the world. You could not be in better hands.

Open an International Office

If you are interested in starting your international office in Miami, we have got you covered. We will make sure that we find the perfect office for you so that you can get started on the right foot. Having a solid understanding of the real estate market, we know where you should set up an office. Our team will provide you with the necessary support and take on all the work so that your international office is ready for business. As an entrepreneur, you can truly benefit from our service.

Whether you run an import and export business or any other type of business, we know where you should establish your office in order to establish a strong network and get noticed. We have extensive experience and will go out of our way to get your office set up in no time. You will be delighted to know that we also provide expedited service to businesses that need to open up their first office in Miami without any delay. We understand that you might have commitments that you need to uphold and will help set up the office within the least amount of time.

At The Van Holland Group, we are experts in opening international offices and know how to ensure that your office is open for business in record time. With our dedicated staff, you have nothing to stress about. From company formation to opening an international office and more, we are truly here for you. You will find our team to be your number one supporter. There is nothing that we are not willing to do for you. If you have any special demands, we can take care of them for you. Having an expert by your side ensures that no mistakes are made and allows you to start operations without wasting any time.

Our office is on the 15th floor of 701 Brickell Avenue

Florida Is a Top State for Business

Where you expand your European business in the US plays a huge role in how successful you are. Florida is the best place to set up your international business. Boasting vital resources, you simply cannot go wrong when you gain market entry here. In fact, it was found that Florida has a startup survival rate of 78% according to Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship, which is the highest in any state. There are plenty of reasons that make Florida the ultimate state for entrepreneurs as mentioned below.

  1. Excellent State Leadership
    Innovative public research is a top priority of Florida’s Governor. This is great news for European businesses that hope to invest in research and development and plan on introducing new products or services. You can take advantage of legal options for testing new fintech products, professional licensing, gaining access to certifications, and testing a variety of products. The lack of prohibitive regulations provides a great incentive to go big in Florida. Thus, the odds are in your favor.
  2.  Amazing Business Climate and Low Tax Structure
    When determining which state to expand to in the USA, you have to consider the business climate and the tax structure. These are two areas where Florida shines. As a new entrepreneur or established business owner, you will find setting up an Inc. in the Sunshine State to be the best decision. It is worth mentioning that there is no personal income tax, no payroll tax, and a meager 5.5% corporate tax rate. Therefore, company formation in Florida will prove to be a game-changer for you.
    Unlike high-tax states like California or New York, Miami supports new businesses by ensuring that they do not have any trouble paying taxes. It explains why many corporations from around the world have opened up in the state. Even US companies have relocated to Florida.
  3. Highly Talented Workforce
    With an impressive public university system, Florida provides access to a highly talented workforce. In fact, the state is considered to be one of the best in this area. It provides businesses with a trained workforce. Boasting the third-largest workforce in the USA, you can benefit from a linguistically and culturally diverse workforce that has a strong work ethic. Besides, you will find the labor force in Florida to be a lot more affordable in comparison to a high-tech state such as Washington or California.
  4. Infrastructure
    Florida offers an excellent infrastructure that you can leverage to thrive. With over 20 commercial and 130-public use airports, the state ranks high when it comes to aerospace and aviation. Moreover, Florida has 15 deep-water seaports that contribute as much as $117 billion to the US economy every year. You can easily export thanks to the infrastructure in place.
  5. High Quality of Life
    Lastly, Florida is considered to be an ideal place to live and work. In addition to gorgeous weather, you will find the low cost of living to offer a higher quality of life in comparison to other states. As it is an affordable place to do business and live, you will find it to be the perfect option. It is also home to cultural amenities, sporting events, and world-class theme parks which provide a rewarding lifestyle.

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