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Market entry America

USA Market Entry Strategy

Have you found America as a country where you see the best opportunities for your product, service or service? Would you like guidance in entering this market?

America advisor

What can the America advisor do for you?

  • introduces you to local networks and their experts
  • maintains contacts
  • assists with a possible establishment in the United States

Help entering the US market

You’ve made the decision. You want to grow your business and have chosen to do that by exporting to the United States. Van Holland Group has good contacts and a network in the US. We can help you take the first step with a market entry.

Business Development USA

First we will make an inventory and see if you are ready to go abroad with your product or service. There is much more to it than you think. That is why your export plan is an important tool that highlights all aspects of exporting. Do you have the financial strength to open an office in the US? Or do you choose to introduce your product on the American market from the Netherlands? The answer to these questions gives our advisor a guideline so that he/she can prepare you as best as possible for the entrance.


For example, when looking for partners or distributors. But we also act as a legal representative if you have an Inc. for your company. want to set up. We take all the paperwork off your hands in this way. You also do not have to get on the plane every time to personally sign.

Market entrance USA – Make the right strategic choices

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