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Van Holland Group is helping companies expanding their business through exporting.

By exporting your products and services to the global marketplace, you can develop more market share and grow your business.
Van Holland Group is connecting you with decision-makers from a wide variety of industries looking for expansion in the USA and Canada.

Dutch Hangar Houses

The Hangar House is a prefab home built by the finest construction company with many years of experience with this kind of utility constructions.

Revolutionary all-in-one design.

Pull out your aircraft from the hangar underneath your home, go flying & return to enjoy the sunset on your balcony. We offer the hangar house in several versions and seizes. The house can be turn-key ready in a 12 to 16 week time frame. The prefab kit can be shipped anywhere you like. Financing is available.


The Smart Bus Stop that works as a super smart city sensor.

Organize, store and display all your data into one easy-to-access place.

Waiting for the bus should never have to be boring or frustrating again. A Smart Bus Stop has many innovative features. It not only provides information on a smart screen but it can also monitor air pollution, analyze traffic, record traffic violations and monitor pedestrians and cyclists.

The Smart Bus Stop by itself is also an art work and can be customized with designs of local artists. It is eco friendly powered by solar.


Prevent failure and damage

Better insights safer pipelines

‘Breakdowns and breached pipelines often come as a surprise’

With our smart inspection tools and data science you gain all the insights you need to schedule maintenance appropriately, to avoid failure and get the most out of your assets.

Cut down on costs significantly by setting intelligent management priorities and prevent damage, leaks and other failures.

Vital Beat

Enjoy life like before

Be protected during your favorite sports and activities

Getting a lifesaving device like a pacemaker implanted has a really big impact on your life. Though it is meant to keep you healthy and well, it does come with a cost.

Pain, discomfort, constant worrying and countless restrictions in your life regarding sports, vacation and leisure activities. Vital Beat comfort and protection helps you and your loved ones make the most of life again.

Vibration monitoring for construction and buildings


Presented by Sensere Inc.

Become an Omnidots dealer

The all-in-one solution for monitoring and reporting vibrations.

Construction work and large infrastructure projects often produce a considerable amount of vibrations. To measure the impact that vibrations have on structures and the people that work or reside in those buildings, the right measuring equipment is indispensable.

ictual presents


Let's create better living environments together!

With Fixi you can report issues which organizations can easily handle.

 Fixi helps you to report issues – such as broken street lights, overflowing
trash cans or loose pavement tiles – and assign handlers to them.

Glide Nano

Fasted Competition Ski Wax – Nano Tech Enhanced

The next generation ski wax without fluorocarbons. 40% less friction – 5x longer wear – 100% Biodegradable

Glide Nano Ski and Snowboard Wax: Glide Green

Adventurers who conquer the mountains on skis or snowboards often unintentionally leave poisonous traces in the snow: fluorocarbon from the ski wax. The start-up company Glide Nano wants to provide a green alternative. In cooperation with Surftec Engineering, a spin-off of the University of Arkansas, the Belgian company has developed a wax that is 100 percent biodegradable and is expected to last much longer as a coating. The waxes can be produced precisely according to the type of sport and application.


Connecting you to nature

At Curaloe, we believe that Nature is our greatest teacher and supplies us with the ability to lead a healthy, happy, and balanced life. That’s why we grow the greatest gift that Nature has to offer: Aloe Vera.

We use it to create superior Natural and Organic skincare products and Nutritional supplements with an extremely high concentration of this powerful plant and make them available for you.

We started the journey by growing our own organic Aloe Vera, source organic botanical ingredients, and combine them into harmonious formulas that are powerfully effective in creating healthy, radiant skin.

Export Canvas

Visualize your export ambitions

In 5 steps, together with an experienced Export Coach, we will explore opportunities and your chances of doing business abroad. The Export Canvas makes you aware of everything that is needed to prepare for your export plan. Visualize and understand how easy it is to do business abroad.

Export Canvas is looking for HUB Partners.

Take your share of the ever growing international economy. Become a partner of Export Canvas. Our partner network consists of HUB organizations with extended knowledge of trade and business.

Get the tools, technology, and support to accelerate your trade business coaching and consulting. Export Canvas and our Learning Management System as an integrated part of you business development.

We offer certification training, marketing and sales support, an attractive package to get you started as a HUB, and access to a global network of partners operating in 5 languages around the world.